TAC Project Description

Once a year, the Technology Advisory Committee (TAC) issues a call for project proposals to the campus. All proposals submitted go through the TAC project evaluation process, which  is the framework we use to select the projects that best support SFCC’s Strategic Plan and current priorities, as well as provide the greatest value to the campus. The project must cost more than $5,000 and/or take more than 40 hours to implement.

Proposals are scored by the TAC subcommittee using a scoring rubric designed specifically for this purpose. Based on those results and the availability of OIT’s staff resources, a proposal is prepared and presented to TAC. After TAC approves the project proposals, the project recommendations are presented to the Executive Team for final approval.  Bear in mind that a high-scoring project may not be able to start immediately if funds or resources are not immediately available; conversely, a lower-scoring project may be able to start immediately because the necessary funds and/or resources are available.